School Clubs



After School Soccer Club

Tuesday afternoons sees the After School Football Club take place for boys in 3rd and 4th class on the school astro turf pitches. It affords the children the opportunity to learn new skills in a fun, safe and structured environment. Whether you're a beginner or the next Lionel Messi you'll experience valuable training and coaching at the After School Football Club!




Scoil Bhríde BNS soccer team has been revived in recent years having performed admirably in both the league and cup competitions. 

Crafty Science Club

Every Tuesday boys from 1st to 3rd class join "Scientist Hayes" for some simple science activities.
We make volcanos, rainbow foam, playdough, marshmallow paint, lava lamps and many other interesting things.
The boys especially love the coke & mentos experiment which creates a fizzy explosion!

Scoil Bhríde Boys Bike Club

Do you know how to repair a puncture?
Do you know how to take a tire off a wheel or how to clean a bike??
No? Well you should ask the boys of the Scoil Bhríde Boys Bike Club!!
During the month of November the boys were busy learning how to do this and they also practiced some of the bike skills that they already know.  The tires were kindly given to us by the guys of Cyclezone in the village.
Every week the boys showed great enthusiasm and always wanted to learn more.  We will be doing our bike club again in the New Year! We hope to have more fifth and sixth class boys in the club!
Have a look of our pictures and see the hard work that was done by the boys!!

The boys are ready to start work!

Inspecting the bike to see what needs to be cleaned.

The boys know that it is also important to clean under the bike.

A quick break for a picture!

There were lots of bikes to be cleaned!!

Moments before the first set of skills

the boys are concentrating before it is their turn

Lovely cycling through the finishing cones

The boys had to weave in and out the different cones in the yard

Jake is demonstrating how to pick a skittle whilst cycling

Jake drops the skittle into the box. Good job!

We finished the session with a slow bicycle race. Who will be slowest?

Who won the slow bike race? Was it Cian or Adam?

Week 1:    Bike cleaning
Week 2:     Bike skills
Week 3:     Fixing Puncture

Everyone is ready for a challenge!

The boys learnt how to take of a tire

Inspecting the tire for any holes!

Look! Aaron and Sean found something!

Dillon is listening for any air that may be coming out of the tire. He can't hear anything

The best thing to do is to put the tire in the water and look for bubbles

Using sandpaper on the tire will allow the patch to grip onto it

Putting on the special glue before putting on the patch

Pumping up the tire to see if it is fixed

Week 4:     Removing a tube from a wheel

Cian is examining the tire

Here the boys are taking the tube out

The boys are using the tire levers to take the tire off!

The boys are working hard!

Many hand makes light work!

Great job!!

Have a look at our video of what we were doing